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2016 ARC/PLC Program
Signup for the 2016 ARC and PLC programs

Signup for the 2016 ARC and PLC programs began on Dec 7, 2015, and continues until August 1, 2016.  All farm changes, such as operator changes or land sales, must be reported to FSA prior to enrolling a farm in ARC or PLC for 2016.  While the choice between ARC and PLC has already been completed and remains locked-in through 2018, producers must still enroll their farm(s) each year by signing a contract to receive coverage. 

Failure to enroll a farm during the 2016 enrollment period will prevent a farm from being eligible for assistance from the ARC or PLC programs should crop prices and farm revenues fall below the historical price or revenue benchmarks established by the programs.

For more details regarding these programs, or for more information about making 2016 farm changes or to sign up for ARC or PLC signup, please stop by or call the Shelby County FSA office at 217-774-5561 ext. 2 to schedule an appointment!

Operators who have changed from share rent to cash rent can bring a copy of their cash rent agreement to use in lieu of owners signatures.


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We have redeveloped our Customer Account Access software.  Delivery sheets, contracts, invoices and statements may now be viewed on any device running a web browser (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc.)  Browsers tested:  Internet Explorer v10 & v11, Google Chrome, Google Chrome Canary, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.  Instead of displaying reports within a crystal report viewer, the system automatically exports to PDF which allows the customer to save or print the document.

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